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Where it all began...

It all started on Friday the 16th of June 2000 when two creative upstarts, Damian Penco and David Quinn, decided to set up their own advertising agency. On their first day they got busy discussing what they should call their newly formed creative enterprise. Lists were drawn up and options were whittled down. And at the end of the day a shortlist was agreed upon.


Feeling happy with their first day’s work Damian and David decided to go for a drink to celebrate. It was a Friday evening after all, in the middle summer. Standing outside Davy Byrne’s moral pub in the centre of Dublin they noticed they were surrounded by people in straw boater hats and long flowing dresses. The annual Bloomsday celebration of James Joyce’s groundbreaking novel Ulysses was in full swing.
“Did you know that the main character, Leopold Bloom is an ad man. And that one of the reasons he is walking around Dublin is to visit his clients” said David to Damian. Or maybe it was Damian who said it to David. There was a brief pause as both men reflected for a moment. “What about Bloom” said Damian. Or maybe it was David.

And now...

Fast forward to today and we are now an award winning full service agency. We specialise in working with Challenger Brands who are out- resourced by bigger competitors. That means taking calculated risks to draw attention from the big guys.Our experienced team is skilled in communication, design, strategy, media and client service. All the talents you need to make truly disruptive communications come to life.
When working with our clients we really like to collaborate closely, operating as an extension of their marketing team and acting as their brand guardians. And, when needed, we partner with a carefully selected roster of specialists and suppliers, to deliver end-to-end marketing solutions. This means we can combine the agility and intimacy of our in-house team with the flexible access to a broad range of skills, services and technology. All without you having to pay for bloated overhead charges. We call it outwitting, not outspending the competition.

Sinéad Boyle

Managing Director


Damian Penco



David Quinn



Michael Walsh

Creative Director


We are a Dublin based creative agency, specialising in advertising, design and digital communications. We help brands to compete and win by outwitting, not outspending their competition.

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