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We are attention seekers

We seek attention for the challengers. The ambitious.
Those who are driven to make an impact by outwitting, not outspending the competition.
We do this because attention sells.

The Power
of Attention

Human attention is a very limited resource. There just isn’t enough of it to process the thousands of messages and ads that are fired at it every day. To survive, most of us just ignore them. Good news for our sanity. Bad news for marketers.

In the attention economy, every second counts. Challenger brands must deliver advertising that seeks attention by disrupting the status quo. This not only gains greater engagement, enhanced brand recall and improved trust, but also a net positive effect on their bottom line. Simply put, more attention means more sales.

Our mission is to create work for challenger brands who seek attention.

We do strategy & planning creative media planning & buying social media design video production
Strategy & Planning

All great campaigns start with a powerful insight. We use a bespoke planning process to mine the data and unearth potent insights.


Our experienced creative team devise and develop great ideas that transform brands, build businesses and spread important messages.


We have recently added media planning and buying to our range of services. From analysis and strategy through to negotiating great deals, as well as monitoring and reporting.

Social Media

Our social media lab create campaigns across all platforms. Services include planning, content creation, ad spend, community management and reporting.


Our studio of talented graphic designers deliver visual solutions for print and digital media, including brand identity, point of sale, print collateral and web design.

Video Production

Our video production team create and produce a wide range of video content. From motion graphics and animation to live action and documentary.

We are a Dublin based creative agency, specialising in advertising, design and digital communications. We help brands to compete and win by outwitting, not outspending their competition.

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