Bringing a legacy brand to a new generation.


Catch was an Irish favourite. First created by Urneys in Tallaght in 1976, it quickly became Ireland’s number one chocolate bar, helped by a catchy jingle that anyone of a certain vintage will remember (bet you’re humming it now!). However years of under-investment had left it languishing on the shelves.

The client’s ambition? Make Catch Ireland’s favourite chocolate bar again, by putting it back on the radar of the original fans – and recruiting a whole new audience who’d never heard of or tried it.


Chocolate makes you happy. It’s a pick me up whenever you need it. But Catch is something more. With its quirky, iconic packaging and upbeat jingle, it has never taken the joy of chocolate too seriously. Plus, it hasn’t suffered the dreaded ‘shrinkflation’ that has seen many of its competitors diminish in size – it’s still the same proper 50g bar it always was.

Put simply, Catch isn’t just fun. It’s Big Fun.

“grown sales volume by almost 150%”


Our creative strategy was based on three core principles:

  1. Use recognisable brand codes (jingle, iconic design) to reignite the love with the older audience;
  2. Add a contemporary, irreverent tone of voice that would demand attention from the younger audience in the oversaturated world of new media;
  3. Encourage trial by getting the product into as many hands as possible.

Since beginning work with Catch in 2018 we have developed a suite of TV/Online films and eye-catching OOH, organised a nationwide interactive roadshow which sampled over 100,000 people, appeared in student goodie bags, and created an irrepressibly kooky online presence through social media.

Over the four years since then, Catch has grown sales volume by almost 150%, introduced new flavours and product varieties, and even become the top-selling bar in several shops around the country.

In short – as the nice young man in the post office said as we were shipping out samples – ‘Catch is back – it’s cool again!’

Our campaigns ran on TV, online video, OOH, digital and social, along with roadshow activations and sampling.’


TV, online video, OOH, digital and social, along with roadshow activations and sampling.

The Unofficial Catch fan club.

Multiple TV and online video spots.

Catch Tour of Ireland.

Case Study Video for Catch Activation Tour.

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