Brady Family Ham

How to win as a challenger brand.


From the very start Brady Family Ham had big ambitions. They wanted to become the number one ham in Ireland.

When we started working on the business in 2012 they were ranked as the 7th most popular ham brand. Basically, they were popular in Kildare and a few other places. Also, ham was a bit of a boring category with not much going really on. So, our challenge was how to break through in a dull market sector.


Every product has a truth to confess.  And the truth was that Brady Family Ham was not like other hams. For a start, it was made like proper hams, from one pork joint and with no added water. It was also made from 100% Irish pork. These three product truths set it apart on the shelf and formed the central brand messaging of all of our advertising campaigns.

“It was upbeat, playful and a little anarchic”


Fast forward to 2019 and Brady Family Ham is now the second most popular ham in Ireland. Our previous campaigns had helped it grow and challenge the other players in the market. It now needed something special to help take the number one spot. What really sets most great brands apart from their competitors is their tone of voice. That is saying something in a distinctive way that could never be confused with the competitors. (Observation: Most market sectors tend to speak with the same voice – this gives ambitious challengers an opportunity to break through by forging their own distinctive tone of voice).  We had been developing our own unique Brady Family Ham tone of voice through the previous campaigns. It was upbeat, playful and a little anarchic. Our 2019 campaign was all about the tone of voice. On the face of it, it was a bunch of butchers in a kitchen singing about their ham but it was the way they sang about it that really set it apart and almost broke the internet. Now Brady Family Ham is the number one ham brand in Ireland and this year it entered the top 20 Checkout brands for the first time.

The moral of the story: If you want to grow your brand then create a distinctive tone of voice.


TV, online video, radio, digital and social.

It’s your only ham.

30 Second Television.

Campaign Case Study.

Song and video virality and public reaction.

No Added Water.

30 Second Television.

One Pork Joint.

30 Second Television.

I ham the greatest.

30 Second Television.

I ham what I ham.

30 Second Television.

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