How to show and not tell.


The Citroen car brand had been languishing at the bottom end of the sales charts due to lack of investment. So, when the Gowan Group took over the national dealership they had big ambitions to restore this much-loved brand to its former glory.


Citroen is famous for its advanced comfort technology such as the progressive hydraulic cushion suspension, the sound insulated cabin and memory foam seating, so our challenge was to get this across in a radio ad.

“let's actually record the radio ad inside the car”


One of the oldest adages in advertising is “show don’t tell”. So, taking our inspiration from a classic genre of advertising – the 1970’s demonstration ad, and putting a modern spin on it, we thought what better way to demonstrate the advanced comfort technology of Citroen then to actually record the radio ad itself inside the car while driving on a pot-holed Irish country road. As you probably know, the sound booths of recording studios are totally sound proofed. And because Citroen’s advanced comfort technology smooths out the bumps on the road and screens out external noise it creates similar conditions to a recording studio sound booth. To demonstrate the demonstration we made a video of the recording.

The moral of the story is if your product has got something unique then “show don’t tell”


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Car Studio.
30 Second Radio 2022

A radio ad made in a car.

Full length online video proving the making of the ad.

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