Meet The Kittens


KittenSoft was once Ireland’s leading toilet tissue brand, but huge investment from international competitors had pushed them down the list. They came to us with a singular goal – one by one, let’s overtake the competition and regain our crown.


KittenSoft packs feature a kitten, but we recommended bringing this brand mascot alive, giving him a personality, and adding in some friends. And so, the KittenSoft kittens were born.

“Meet Snowy, Scamall and Ruadh”


By creating Disney-style characters to appeal to children, and voiced by three adorably crazy Irish children to resonate with parents, the KittenSoft kittens grabbed the attention of our core demographic of young families and are building brand fame and love.


Online video, social media, digital OOH, sales promotion and instore.

What do you think happens when you flush the toilet?

Youtube and Social video content.

KittenSoft Christmas Offer 2022 Dunnes

Youtube Video Dunnes Stores 2022 Christmas Offer.

When else can you use KittenSoft?

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