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KPMG Luxembourg wanted to launch a new corporate accounting service targeting asset managers managing real estate portfolios.


Architects use 3D models in a variety of ways throughout the design and construction process, taking this as inspiration we created a realistic digital replica of Luxembourg complete with many of its iconic landmarks and financial institutions with KPMG Luxembourg at the forefront of it all.

“Inspiration for the Nation”


In collaboration with KPMG Luxembourg, we launched an integrated campaign that spanned multiple mediums including OOH, cinema, and online platforms, throughout Luxembourg. Our team crafted an innovative and attention-grabbing campaign, distinct from the generic financial services advertisements, with the primary aim of reinforcing KPMG’s unique and essential services for Asset Managers in managing their real estate portfolios.


OOH, Cinema, social media, digital.

3D Animation

Youtube and Social video content.

Digital Screens

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