Lloyds Pharmacy

Say hello to the people that know.


LloydsPharmacy is the biggest pharmacy chain in Ireland with 94 outlets nationwide. Two things really stood out about LloydsPharmacy for us. Firstly was the fact that the people who worked at LloydsPharmacy seemed to be really friendly – and we tested this by visiting several stores. And secondly was the fact that they were all highly trained. They pride themselves on the fact that they undergo 15,000 hours of extensive training each year. That’s a lot of training.


TV, OOH, radio, digital and in-store.

“Say hello to the people that know”

Lloyds Pharmacy.

30 Second TV and VOD

Seasonal and Occasion Specfic Display.

Childrens Health Digital Display Billboard

Say hello to the people that know.

Outdoor and Print.

Various Radio Campaigns.

2017 - 2021.

10 Second Blood Pressure Radio

50 Second Brand Radio

30 Second Suncare Radio

30 Second Allergy Radio

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