Radio Nova

Cereal Messers


Radio Nova has big ambitions. It wants to be one of the most listened to radio stations in Dublin. “In the radio business they say that if “you win breakfast then you win the day”. This means that if you can attract audiences for breakfast then they are more likely to stay with you throughout the day and not switch over. In the highly competitive Dublin radio market the breakfast is the most important show of the day.


The PJ and Jim show is Radio Nova’s breakfast offering. PJ Gallagher is a well-known comedian and Jim McCabe is a former TV presenter. The duo’s on-air banter and messing is funny and often hilarious.  This is why they are attracting a lot of listeners and winning breakfast in Dublin. So, we needed to reflect this sense of humour.

“if you win breakfast you win the day”


We didn’t want to just picture the two presenters smiling at the camera we wanted to create an image that would grab some attention and cause viewers to do a double take. A poster that will make listeners smile.


OOH, Press and Online.

48 Sheet Billboard

Cereal Messers OOH.

48 Sheet Artwork

6 Sheet Artwork

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