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Honest Treats from Tailer is a new range of tasty dog treats made with 100% natural ingredients in a kitchen right here in Ireland. Dogs are carnivores and so the treats have a high meat content and eschew all of the nasty grains and fillers used by other leading dog treat brands on the market.


Dog ownership in Ireland has increased in recent years but size of the average dog has gotten smaller. As well as that the sale of kennels is in decline while the sales of pet accessories and treats is on the rise. All of this means that more people are keeping smaller breeds of dog as pets. And they are keeping them indoors in the family home and not outside in a kennel.

This is what inspired the team at Tailer to launch Honest Treats, and why choosing Tailer Honest Treats is another way you can treat your dog like family.

“Treat Them Like Family”


Dog treats are unusual. The buyer does not consume them and the consumer does not buy them. These days dogs are more than just pets. They are part of the family. This was jumping off point for our campaign. We filmed a load of dogs who were proud members of their families (it’s true what they say about working with children and animals – just ask our creative director Michael) to create a series of online videos and to introduce the brand.

The campaign ran online and on social media.

Treat Them Like Family. 30 Second.

YouTube Bumper Ads.

Social USP Ads.

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