Johnston Mooney & O'Brien

The Toast Of Dublin


Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien is an iconic Dublin brand. They have been baking bread since 1835, which makes it one of the oldest Dublin brands still in business. They wanted to reclaim some of that connection with the city.


Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien were also the first baker to introduce a loaf specially designed for the toaster when they launched their famous Toastie pan. You can see where this is going. Toast and Dublin. Put them together and you get the Toast of Dublin.


Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien have a number of strong brand assets which include the colour red, the Toastie pan and the iconic jingle. This campaign features them all while playfully placing the Toastie at the heart of well-known Dublin locations.


OOH, Radio, Digital Video and Social.

The Toast Of Dublin

Digital Video.


The Ha'penny Bridge, GPO and Molly Malone.



The Toast Of Dublin


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